Incorporated in 1990, Interpak is a corrugated packaging products manufacturer and has been supplying corrugated packaging products for many industries for over 20 years. Today, Interpak has become one of the longest established box manufacturers in the local market and serves a wide range of customers from different industries, including manufacturers in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical, plastic and metal stamping as well as other exporting related industries.
Our strengths lie not only in corrugated packaging products but also in the field of corrugated point-of-sales (POS) displays, with modern facilities to produce attractive and exceptionally durable display products. We design and manufacture a wide range of original and eye-catching displays that include our floor stands, counter-top displays, hang-sells and life-size standees. Through our displays, we can help draw customers’ attention to your sales, marketing & promotional campaigns, thereby reinforcing your brand name and increasing your sales potential.
We are committed to render excellent services for our customers according to customers’ requirements and specifications. Our key products include corrugated boards, corrugated cartons, die-cut boxes, assembly cartons and heavy duty corrugated packaging products.